How I turned back from the point of no return

I had reached a dead end with no hope in sight. Alcohol and drugs had brought me to this point and I was ready to give up.

The only thing that stopped me from pulling the plug was my family. I knew they still cared about me – why I’m not sure, but they did! My Dad understood me because he knew what it felt like. He had been there too many years ago.

With nothing to lose, I decided to give Narcotics Anonymous a shot. It was tough… very tough, but I stuck it out.

Then my Dad suggested Holyoake to keep me strong and on track. It was the best thing I did because these guys really had my back. They didn’t judge me, but just worked with me to get over my problems.

Slowly my mind began to clear up. I didn’t feel like I had to have the next fix to keep me going. It wasn’t all easy and I did mess up, but my family and the Holyoake mob kept encouraging me.

It’s been four years since I turned back from that dead end. I never thought my life would change so much. I now have a beautiful kid with my amazing partner and I’ve reconnected with my family. I feel good, I have a good job. But there’s more…

Yes, I can’t believe I did this, but I actually worked with Holyoake to help others with my story.  Holyoake runs a meth awareness program in organisations and they asked me if I would come along to share my story. I was really scared at first, but then felt good about helping other people to learn from my experience. It helped me build my confidence as well.

I lost my job three years ago because of my bad choices. Now the same company has given me a second chance and I am so grateful. Life is good and I won’t make the same mistakes again.

If you or anyone you know feels beaten down by alcohol and drugs, please don’t give up. I believe there is no such thing as a hopeless case. You can always turn back with a little help from family, friends and great places like Holyoake.

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