Social and Emotional Learning

DRUMBEAT has proved to be very effective in schools. It helps students to establish and build positive relationships in an innovative, engaging and memorable way. Independent research indicates that the program can lead to:

  • Better self-esteem, sense of belonging, co-operation and emotional stability;
  • Decreased behavioural incidents, stress and anxiety;
  • Improved attendance, academic performance, relationships and interaction with others.

DRUMBEAT is easy to incorporate in schools. It is:

  • Flexible around school timetables;
  • Adaptable for different age groups;
  • Psycho-educational and based on the core principles of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL);
  • Endorsed unit of curriculum for senior secondary students in Western Australia and Queensland.

Holyoake also offers DRUMBEAT Quest – a rhythmic adventure game for social and emotional learning.

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A unit of curriculum

DRUMBEAT as a unit of curriculum for senior secondary school students in Australia is designed to run over 20 weeks. The 60 hour program is run by an accredited facilitator and consists of:

  • 20 hours of program participation;
  • 12 hours of class time including reflection and assessment;
  • 8 hours of drum practice;
  • 20 hours of performance preparation including instrument making, rehearsal and video production.

Students must be registered with the relevant State Authority by the school, and are required to complete and submit a folio of work to Holyoake for assessment. DRUMBEAT is endorsed as a unit of curriculum by:

  • WACE – (PHODR) endorsed program by WA Schools Curriculum and Assessment Authority;
  • QCE – (HID001) Recognised preparatory course of study by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

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