Holyoake’s DRUMBEAT wins the prestigious 2018 Exemplary Model Program Award from the Florida Music Education Association (FMEA).

This award further acknowledges the fact that DRUMBEAT breaks down communication barriers and connects participants meaningfully with themselves and others. This evidence-based structured protocol uses drumming to engage students, lift their self-confidence and teach a range of life skills.

DRUMBEAT has been rolled out across more than 40 schools in Polk County, Florida. Holyoake’s USA Master Trainer Jessica Fredricks said the program is in high demand. “Rhythm is a great tool that engages both halves of the brain – so when teachers incorporate rhythm into their lessons you get more bang for your educational buck; students learn faster and retain the information for longer. I think this is really going to revolutionize education in the States, because it is evidence-based and outcome-orientated, there is science behind this.” says Jessica.


Holyoake’s DRUMBEAT protocol is the first of its kind: a structured learning program using the medium of music and hand drumming to engage people, lift their self-confidence and teach a range of life-skills.

This program is evidence-based and outcome-oriented with proven social and emotional learning benefits. Click here to read the evidence.

Participants practice social skills such as problem-solving, active listening, leadership, empathy and tolerance by making music over the flexible 10-week program.

Their learning is extended through discussion that promotes self-reflection and awareness on how their thoughts, feelings and actions impact their relationships with others.

For more information, please email Jessica Fredricks, our DRUMBEAT USA Master Facilitator.

Why we need a DRUMBEAT revolution

Stress, uncertainty, social isolation, loss of relationships, trauma, miscommunication and pressure erode personal, family and community resilience. DRUMBEAT has been proven to enable real change across a range of wellbeing measures such as:

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Reduction in anti-social behaviour
  • Increased school attendance for students
  • Improved connection to community
  • Increased cooperation, collaboration and cohesiveness
  • Improved relationships
  • Improved interpersonal skills
  • Improved problem-solving skills
  • Increased emotional regulation
  • Increased self-awareness

The DRUMBEAT education revolution

In Florida, Polk County Schools that participated in DRUMBEAT have noticed a dramatic improvement in their classrooms.

They have reported a 50% decrease in behavioral incidents and a 30% increase in school attendance.

Teachers, students and parents agree that the protocol is successful at creating positive change for those involved.

Funding the revolution: DRUMBEAT is a Title 1 funded program and supports the STEM and STEAM curriculum. Please click here for grant information packs.

Meet Jessica Fredricks, our dynamic DRUMBEAT USA Master Trainer.

Based in Florida, she has over 500 hours of program delivery and is certified to train professionals to become DRUMBEAT Facilitators. She has presented at several conferences and has published papers. Read more about Jessica here

The DRUMBEAT facilitator community

We have trained close to 6,000 DRUMBEAT Facilitators around the world. These include administrators, social workers, mental health professionals and school community members who are using the universal principles of this innovative program to enable positive change in their communities.

Meet some of our community members in the USA and listen to their stories of change and hope.

Join the DRUMBEAT revolution

Do you work professionally with groups of people?

Join the DRUMBEAT revolution and use rhythm to build grit, social and emotional learning and resilience.

It’s easy! Register for a DRUMBEAT Facilitator Workshop and learn all the skills to create a revolution in your community:

Winter Haven, Florida: January 26, 27

Dundee, Florida: April 13, 14

Winter Haven, Florida: November 9, 10

If you don’t see a training in your state, we can come to you! Contact us for more details.


Sharon Knowles, Principal
Bethune Academy, Florida

“It was such a rewarding, heartfelt experience to see the impact that DRUMBEAT has had on this group of our students with only one session under their belt.

I truly was in awe and tears to know that these students were speaking out and participating independently to contribute in such a genuine way as well as to be so personally proud and confident.

I definitely realized why and how this program turns around the negative data and builds positive beings.  I am so blessed that our school is able to implement DRUMBEAT this year. I know it will change these little lives… and more to come.”

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