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The Holyoake DRUMBEAT program was originally designed to benefit school aged people. The program is designed to run over ten weeks to fit into a school term.

Approximately 60% of all DRUMBEAT programs are run in schools with an equal distribution between primary and secondary. The program is suitable for young people from approximately 9 years of age up to adults. Both single gender and mixed gender groups have been run effectively.

The program is designed to target young people who are alienated or socially withdrawn, however any young person can benefit from participation in DRUMBEAT. The best groups comprise young people of a similar age but with a range of presenting issues rather than just those with difficult behaviours.
DRUMBEAT is a psycho-educational program that is based on the core principles of social and emotional learning as developed by the Collaborative to Advance Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL).

Click here for information on DRUMBEAT as a Bullying Prevention Initiative
Getting DRUMBEAT to your school
Schools generally train their own staff members and purchase drums in order to deliver the program.

Please see our Training Calendar for a schedule of training workshops in your area. 

DRUMBEAT for Senior Secondary Students (Unit of Curriculum)
The DRUMBEAT Social Development program has been adapted into an extended program for senior secondary students (Years 10, 11 and 12) for the equivalent of one unit. The program is designed to run over 20 weeks, incorporating 60 hours of participation in the DRUMBEAT program, classes and activities led by an accredited DRUMBEAT Facilitator.
  • 20 hours of participation in DRUMBEAT delivered by an accredited DRUMBEAT facilitator
  • 12 hours of class time including reflection and assessment
  • 8 hours of drum practice
  • 20 hours of performance preparation including instrument making, rehearsal, video production, etc.
Students must complete and submit a Folio of work to the Holyoake Institute for assessment. Students must be registered with the relevant State Authority by the school.

WACE - (PHODR) Endorsed program by WA Schools Curriculum and Assessment Authority
QCE - (HID001) Recognised preparatory course of study by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority
 For further information contact DRUMBEAT@holyoake.org.au

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