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Holyoake offers a variety of programs for those affected by a family member or friend with an alcohol and/or drug addiction. These are delivered as Open Group programs or Closed Group programs.


For further details of time and availability telephone Holyoake on 9416 4444.


Art and Play Program is an outreach program using art therapy as a medium to help mums and their children by:


  • Exploring new ways of communicating and relating with each other

  • Improving self esteem and self care

  • Releasing tension and reducing stress

  • Reducing drug related harm.

Childhood in Perspective Program supports men and women who wish to address issues related to growing up in a family where there was parental alcohol, drug, or other addiction problem. It involves:


  • Understanding the past and the effect that growing up in a family with addiction issues can have on a child.

  • Becoming more aware of how your childhood experiences have impacted on who you are as an adult and has influenced the ways you now cope with life.

  • Using this knowledge to improve self-confidence, relationships and the general quality of your life.

  • Coming to a place where you are more able to let go of the past and move forward

Are you repeating behaviours in your life that are causing problems in your relationships?


Are you aware of unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving that leave you feeling powerless?


Holyoake's Childhood in Perspective Program can help.


Young People's Program offers child focused individual, group and family counselling to children from the ages of 3 to 17 years whose parents or family members are affected by alcohol or other drug dependencies. Through the use of art making, role playing and storytelling, the program supports children to:


  • Explore their experiences and perceptions in a safe, non-judgemental space

  • Discover new skills to cope with their experiences

  • Connect with and be mutually supportive of others who may be experiencing similar family situations


Parents and caregivers are provided individual counselling to gain a greater understanding about their child's experiences and are supported to explore ways to develop child focused parenting skills.

Parent Services includes services to parents of adult and/or adolescent sons/daughters and offers support to parents by:


  • Assisting understanding on the effects of alcohol, drugs and other dependent behaviour and the impact these have on the family.

  • Developing practical skills and strategies to facilitate positive change regarding problems experienced.

  • Facilitating positive change in the relationship between parents and their son/daughter and other family members.

Parents completing this program report a decrease in their own level of stress, improved relationships within the family and in particular their relationship with the son/daughter whose behaviour led them to seek help.


Relationships in Focus is for partners and is designed to help people affected by, or having difficulty coping with a spouses/partners/significant other's substance use or other dependency. The program aims to:


  • Provide information on the effects of alcohol, drug and other dependency on the family

  • Assist in the development of skills and strategies that are effective in reducing substance use and other related problems

  • Provide support and information to develop coping skills that leads to an increased sense of wellbeing, quality of life and sense of self.

A clinical evaluation of this program revealed significant positive change to participants' anxiety, depression and relationship difficulties, as well as positive changes to their significant others' alcohol/drug use or other addictive behaviours.


Couples Counselling is offered to couples who are experiencing distress in their relationship (whether or not there are alcohol/drug issues). This is a short term (8 - 20 sessions), structured intervention where the counsellor works closely with the couple in a private setting using an Emotionally Focused Therapy approach in order to:


  • Identify negative patterns of communication that keep the couple stuck and discouraged

  • Work out ways to de-escalate these negative cycles

  • Open up the communication so the couple can begin to talk about those emotions and feelings in order to create the closeness and intimacy they want.

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