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Holyoake's approach to counselling and support is to help those affected by alcohol or other drugs, as well as help those closest. This unique approach recognises that the impact of alcohol and other drug problems affects the whole family.

We provide an extensive range of free counselling and support programs for everyone. This includes tailored programs specifically for:
  • Individuals with alcohol or other drug issues.
  • Anyone affected by a family members' alcohol or other drug use.
Our counselling and support programs are generally provided from our five office locations using one or more of the following approaches:
  • Personalised individual counselling and support.
  • Group programs.
For further information about our specialised programs please select the option that best describes your circumstance:

Each Holyoake location offers a diverse range of services accessible to those living in metropolitan and regional locations. Holyoake locations within Western Australia are:
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