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Holyoake Connect provides clients and Holyoake with the ability to stay connected to facilitate ongoing support and lasting change. Members of Holyoake Connect are able to stay connected to Holyoake by receiving our regular newsletters, attending any of our workshops and events, support sessions and other activities. Clients can share their experiences, help others and have access to further information and resources.

Eligibility to become a Holyoake Connect member is open to clients currently engaged in a Holyoake program and to clients who have completed a Holyoake program. Holyoake Connect members may invite guests to a limited number of specified Holyoake Connect events, however guests are not eligible to become members.

Whilst there is no fee for Holyoake clients to join Holyoake Connect, fees may apply for some events.

If you are interested in becoming a Holyoake Connect member please email your details to connect@holyoake.org.au and we will send you an Application Form.


As a Holyoake Connect member, you can:

  • Receive our newsletter
  • Continue your journey of self-awareness through our workshops and other events.
  • Access our articles and resources
  • Connect with others
  • Send us an email with your success story
  • Write an article for our newsletter
  • Participate in our focus and consumer advocacy groups.

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