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There are a number of pathways to becoming a Counsellor. Most people will complete a Tertiary degree in a relevant field and some people find it helpful to do some volunteer work for some 'hands on' experience while studying.

By way of example, this is a typical pathway for someone wanting to work as a Counsellor at Holyoake:

  • Counsellors need to have a relevant tertiary degree. Most counsellors at Holyoake hold degrees in Counselling, Psychology, Social Work or a similar field.
  • Elective units while studying for your degree might be oriented toward a specific area that you would like to work in (for example, Addiction Studies).
  • Quite often your degree will require practical placements within an organisation; you may like to choose an organisation that works in an area that interests you.
  • Some people will undertake some form of community service volunteering with another organisation while completing their degrees.
  • Quite often people will have already worked in similar fields, such as residential work, case management or support work after completing their degrees
  • Some people may find that they would like to complete further study in a specific field to further develop their knowledge and skills (for example some people will go on to complete a Master of Counselling or similar).

Within Holyoake there are also opportunities to advance from Counsellor to Senior Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor roles. This gives people the opportunity to learn and develop their counselling skills along the way.

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