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Founded in 1975, Holyoake owes its origin to a small group of passionate people who were concerned about the lack of help available in Western Australia for individuals with problems related primarily to alcohol use but particularly the significant lack of assistance for families. Through the efforts of these people, not only the organisation, but also the spirit and heart of Holyoake was born.

The name 'Holyoake' was borrowed from the site of an old timber mill and settlement on the outskirts of Dwellingup in the South West of Western Australia. Some 90 acres of land around this site was granted to the founders by the then Minister for Lands and Forests. The intention was to establish a residential treatment facility on the site. Due to the overwhelming demand for services in the city and the significant resources needed for such a venture, this dream was never realised.

Holyoake grew very quickly and became highly respected for its work with adult problem drinkers and with spouses, partners, and parents. In the early eighties the needs of children became a strong focus and it was at this point that a true family service evolved. During the late eighties services expanded to include adolescent substance users and their parents. The mid nineties saw a significant conceptual shift away from a disease orientation, to a model of understanding of drug use from a psychosocial perspective. Holyoake uses a client centred, interpersonal process approach with emotional and cognitive behavioural therapies. It is well known for its integrated family systems and social learning perspective.

Holyoake now offers a wide range of programs to help people who are affected directly or indirectly by substance misuse. Men, women, partners, parents, young adults, adolescents, teenagers, and children experience the benefits of these programs. In addition, Holyoake reaches out to adults in prisons and juveniles in detention. Holyoake also manages the North East Metropolitan Community Drug Service and the Wheatbelt Community Drug Service Teams. Click here for more details.

In 2003, Holyoake launched DRUMBEAT as an early intervention program to reduce levels of alienation for 'at risk' youth. Since then, the program has gone from strength to strength, and is now facilitated across Australia to people of all ages and circumstances. It is now an evidence-based program backed by several independent research studies. Click here for more details.

Holyoake offers programs through its Education & Training service area. This includes Wellbeing@Work, a suite of programs especially for corporate organisations. Recognising the need for greater awareness, employee wellbeing and safety with regard to substance misuse, Wellbeing@Work offers training through Fit4Work, specialist counselling through 360 Counselling, and corporate teambuilding through DRUMBEAT.corp. Click here for more details.

Strongly committed to its vision to ensure better futures for families and communities, Holyoake plans to sustain, improve and expand its services to empower people impacted by substance misuse.

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